So, you’ve decided to vist a Christian church website.  One church out of over thirty in your town. One in the hundreds in your state, and one of the thousands of Christian churches in your land.  If you live in the United States, that is;  Christianity is a persecuted minority in many parts of the world.  But Satan is in a war against God and there are many ways he fights in this battle. Sometimes he gains ground through ignorance and persecution of the gospel. But in this current supposedly Christian nation, Satan has a much more effective tool.  And that is confusion and hypocrisy existing  in the Christian church scenario.

This can work in a very subtle way inside a person’s heart.  Maybe God’s spirit is working inside me and an inborn knowledge of right and wrong tells me I need something more to my life than I have. Maybe a vague restlessness or a nagging guilt haunt my days.  Some zealous co-worker may tell me I’m going to hell and I know enough about the Bible to be afraid he’s right.  But when I look around at the Christian landscape this is what I see:

There is a church building around every corner, and they are all different.  Some of them think this is important, and some think that is even more important.  Some speak out strongly against social injustices, and a few have some weird dress practices.  Most would really like to save my soul, and all would like me on the registry and in the bench when the offering is passed.  They all seem to speak of love and grace and salvation, but I have a hard time seeing anything different in their lives than the general non-religious around them.

I take a look at Christianity through the perspective of the churches around me and I shake my head in disgust. Why would I pursue such a babble? Why would I go to the bother to profess religion when the Christians around me are dealing with the same messed up lives and problems that I am?  Suppose I decide to go to church- how would I decide which one?  Do I search until I find one that accepts the lifestyle I am currently living and the level of morality I think I can manage?  If that’s up to me, then religion is nothing more than a creation of my own hands.  And I can do that on my own.  Live it on my own and still watch the game on Sunday morning.

If this describes you in any way, or you have come out of the religious mire with a bitter taste in your mouth, we can understand.  But what matters most is that Satan is happy. He has successfully squelched God’s Spirit in your life. He has helped to turn you away from the only source of something better.  He has won the battle for your soul.

Satan is able to do much much more harm to God’s name through the people who profess the Christian faith than he has ever been able to do with the atheists and agnostics of our land.  The Bible speaks of those who ”hold the truth in unrighteousness”, and many of the professing Christians in America are doing just that.  Proclaiming the Gospel message, while living in direct opposition to God’s Word.

Here are a few things we beg you consider. What if the majority of the people who call themselves Christians actually are not?  And the question is- who is making the call? Who is the final authority?

The answer is God. The Christian God, the one many people profess to be following. He sets the standards, he decides the rules, and he has told us very clearly how He knows who are His people. And how we can know if we are true followers of His.

The true meaning of the Christian faith, and the resulting incredible change it will make in one’s life is found in the Bible. The true meaning is found not in what other people say about God. The truth is found –  In The Things God Says About Himself.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and we would be very happy to see you at our church. But our greatest desire is that you would read His word, look to Him for the meaning of life, and surrender yourself completely to Him.  Then follow us and other Christians only to the degree that we are truly following Him.  Because nothing else matters.